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Customer Reviews

If you need another reason to order Vitamin & HCG Injections from us, take a look at a few testimonials that have been

submitted to us from existing customers!

As the owner of a crossfit gym, I have to train at least 3-4 hours a day to stay competitive in this sport. I really love the

athletic pro because it allows me to stay shredded while helping me recover from strenuous workouts. This is by far my

favorite, and most beneficial supplement in my routine.

Steve E.

I have been on the HCG diet (500 Calorie protocol) for 40 days. I have lost almost 29 lbs and inches everywhere have

disappeared. This diet was very tough on the first couple of days. I was scared of doing the injections also. I have been

overwhelmed with the results though. I have tried other protein based diets, lost weight quick (ketosis) and then gained

very quickly. On these other diets, my mind seemed kind of fuzzy and I had mild flu-like symptoms. With the HCG, I have

energy during the day. I am excited to wake up and look at the scale. I get a full night's rest and I don't have to toil away

in the gym. This diet really worked for me and I couldn't be happier!
Carrie M. 

I started HCG about 4 months ago and lost a total of 35lbs, if you follow the instruction you will have no problems. I had

a few stumbles but that was on me and my habits but this product is great!!!!!! Toni P. 

the b12 calms the nerves relaxes you at a great price great company Daniel E. 

Hubby and I both eat a plant base menu and we need to get our B12 into our diet for health reasons. This site is a 

blessing for us. We give ourselves 1 shot a week. Can't find the injectable in the local drug stores even Costco a large

chain has been on back order for some time. It was blessed to find your site.
Carol F 

Terrific ptoduct that aids in your well being and weight loss. Also provides you the boost of energy to continue in your

path to looking fabulous! Mary C. 

I purchased the B12 injections. The service was great with quick delivery. 
The package comes with everything you need including bandages and alchol pads. I am very pleased with the 

service and look forward to my next purchase. Teresa S. 

I have seen my cousins on HCG and lost 35 lbs. I have researched about HCG for over 2 weeks since I was kind 

of scared especially when you are a mother of 3 little kids. However, it won my heart and I'm more than ready to 

start on this product. I am hoping to loose 60 lbs by mid April. I am commited more than ever. Thanks for 

introducing this product. Juliet K. 

I love the energy from the B12 shots! So much better and longer lasting results than pills or oral drops! Lara E. 

I have been taking the injections for a month and it worked wonders for me. I lost 20 pounds. I love this 

company. It's safe and my doctor approves it. It's cheaper than my clinic and if I messed up one week, 

I still lost weight. Just amazing. This website is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! S. Odurraa J. 

HCG worked for me! I was on it for 1 month and lost 14lbs, I am looking forward to doing another round 

soon!! Ashley S. 

Fast and reliable! Affordable b12 injections bi-weekly at home!!! It's so nice having everything you need 

arrive in one box! Safe and secure!!! Thank you us vitamin! Lacey B. 

One of my colleagues tried this, and she really shed the pounds. I had been trying for about six weeks, and

I kept staying the same weight. So I tried it, and I lost six pounds in one month. I stiill have a ways to go, 

but losing six pounds has made me want to eat healthier and to walk more. Now another of my colleagues 

wants to try it. Thank YOU! Cindy D. 

I have followed the 28 day protocol and have lost 23 pounds. After the 2nd day I wasn't hungry and felt to 

full to eat but made sure that I did eat all of my vegetables, fruit, and protein. I am very pleased and so 

excited to do another 28 days to get to my goal!!! I highly recommend this diet to anyone who has tried 

other diets with no success! Good luck and I wish you much success to a new, healthier you!!! Linda M. 

Had an amazingly successful go with HCG two years ago, and looking to have another go! Wish I was 

more disciplined, I kept the weight off for over a year. It's time to get ready for 2013! Can't wait! Sara D. 

This is a great option for people requiring frequent B-12 injections, at an affordable price! Steph A. 

I swear by the HCG injectable program. I had previously lost 25 lbs with the 21 day rotation and had no problem eating within the 500 calories. 

Raraely was I hungry that didnt pass almost as quick as I thought about it. 
Now I just need that last 10 before the holidays and I'll be good to go for the NEW YEAR NEW ME
BB in Phili 

I have been using the lipotropic injections and my clothes fit much better, I love what I see in the 

mirror, and my energy level is much higher now. Claudia C. 

I have used HCG to lose 30 lbs and have kept it off for a year. Best diet ever, works miracles. 

Brandy L. 

It is so difficult these days to find a reliable source for important & trusted injectable compounds. 

Many are buying out of the country products with poor service 
and inconsistent results. That's why I will use your site.
Why take a risk! Joe A. 

After gaining 60 pounds during my second pregnancy...regretting every cheese burger craving I 

gave into...I had to figure out a way to lose it...while working full time with two kids 7 days after c-section...

Needless to didn't happen.
US HCG Injections was the reason I have already lost FIFTY of that 60 pounds and I'm ready to 

start my final round to lose the LAST TEN!THANK YOU For Giving Me My Body Back!!! 

Brienna R. 

I used the HCG Injectiions about a year ago and lost over 20 lbs. in the 40 day program. It was 

Awesome. Now I'm ready to take off another 20 - 25 lbs.  

Eating approx. 500 calories a day was tough at first, but over a week period, it became easier. I 

definitely learned how to choose my foods more wisely and it paid off!! Kathy F. 

hcg is amazing...lost 20 lb in 40 days. highly recommended Ash L. 

The product worked very well. I was very happy with the results W. Gaut 

I bought the 30 ml vial of the ORIGINAL, which is now known as LIPO 7. I gave myself an 

injection twice a week and it helped me with my energy level, I didn't feel as tired as I used 

to be. I used to struggle every day at work because I would always feel fatigue by the end 

of the day. The vitamin injections really helped with that problem a lot. I totally recommend 

this to anyone! It also helped me lose some weight. The price of a 30ml vial on here can't 

be beat compared to other websites!!! Marie A. 

My husband weighted in Sept 2, 2012 at 206.6. pounds. 30 days later he weights 182 and 

looks, and feels great! Diana H. 

You are known to be the most reliable, safe, and effective company to order all of your 

HCG needs amongst all of my fiends and family who have lost a significant amount of 

weight. It is risky to buy anywhere else, and with a reputation that this company has why 

would anyone even consider shopping anywhere else. I'm excited to see where this HCG 

journey has for me and look forward my weight loss journey! Julie E.